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Trident Marine Salvage, is a Tampa Bay based marine towing, salvage and recovery company operating in Florida, Central America and Caribbean.

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September 2017

Hurricane IRMA was an extremely powerful and the strongest storm on record to exist in the open Atlantic region.

Irma FWC Recovered Vessels

Pictures of Vessels Sunk after IRMA


One of the busiest year in our company history. Working with the City of Clearwater, we clean the East Shore Marina in Clearwater Beach and together with the St. Petersburg Police Department, we reduce in half  the number of derelict and abandoned vessels.

April, 2019        

We are proud of our crew and our achievements. 

Founded in 1995, under the name of Seahorse Marine, this small family business has grown steadily, earning a solid reputation for total commitment to the maritime industry's emergency response needs. In 1999, we moved from Clearwater, Florida to our existing location on Salt Creek, St. Pete. Our office, the storage facilities and our docks being at the same location greatly reduce the response time. We added a fast response vessel to the fleet, being capable of accessing very shallow waters. By 2001, the demand for our services had spread county and statewide, working on the east and west coast of Florida. As a result, we started our web site and provided our customers with a 24 hour emergency life response. In October 2001, we formed our Emergency Disaster Team to help with much needed help relief for Belize from the devastation of Hurricane Iris. This volunteer program resulted in a life time rewarding experience. By March 2002, at the request of U.S. Bank, we removed and disposed 72 derelict vessels from a boat yard in Clearwater, Florida The challenge was preventing or minimizing further damage to the environment. 42 fuel tanks, 38 junk engines and 92 batteries had to be removed before disposal. We recycled 300 gallons of oil, over 600 gallons of old fuel, 140 trailer tires, 112 batteries and four large dumpsters full of debris. The right equipment, knowledgeable personnel, and following the rules and regulations of the local and federal laws, made our life easier and allowed successful completion of the contract in only 30 days.  In 2005, we purchased Tampa Bay Rescue and added two more towing vessels to the fleet. Chartered by film production, we supplied vessels and licensed personnel for the filming of TLC Repo Man Show, Trading Spaces and facilitated the production of four TV documentaries in Mexico, Belize and Dominican Republic.

Between 2002 and 2014, we had responded to over 4000 emergency calls, salvaged over 300 vessels, recover 18 stolen boats, removed over 800 derelicts and did over 1500 police and federal impounds. We have worked with, and responded to all emergency calls from law enforcement and the U.S. Coast Guard, 24/7 in harsh weather condition and storms. We performed extensive county-wide RED TIDE clean up and contained and removed over 40 tons of dead fish and sea-life. In 2008, we successfully salvage a 51' Morgan, name "BETTY BOOP" beached on Egmont Key by a storm. We use a large tug boat to drag the vessel of the shallow waters for over 200 yards without any damage to the structure. The inexperienced owner abandoned the vessel without informing the US Coast Guard and refused to pay for the salvage, tug boat and repairs. Vessel was sold at public auction.

In 2012 We open the first Water TAXI service in St. Petersburg. For our disappointment the City Hall decided to demolish the famous Pier and cancel the Boat Race. With only two waterfront restaurants, Fresco & Fish Tales and no amenities like floating dock for the Sail Expo. or downtown waterfront, didn't make sense. The City of St. Pete and Tampa decided to invest in  a ferry service, instead. The ferry survived less than a year. Shame, this is the most boaters unfriendly City in U.S.

In 2006 City of St. Petersburg has been selected by the State of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to be one of five communities to participate in a pilot program to explore options for regulating the anchoring or mooring of non-live-aboard vessels outside the marked boundaries of public mooring fields. Working together with the St. Petersburg P.D. (marine unit) and FWC, in the past 10 years, we removed and disposed, hundreds of derelict and abandoned vessels from: Vinoy Yacht Basin, Bayboro Harbor, Little and Big Bayou, Maximo Park/Channel, Gulfport middle and Lasing Park.

2014 After a long and exhausting 4 years legal battle in Federal Court, we won and sold "Drumbeat II", a 68' Irwin Yacht. We performed the successful salvage of two planes and 11 vessels in Tampa Bay. Also, removal and disposal of boats and pilings for City of Clearwater on Stevenson Creek.

2015 This year Trident performed  the removal and dispose of 34 vessels and 11 successful salvage operations in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Gulfport and Maximo Marina. Our primary concern is to minimize potential damage to marine ecosystem. Trident has managed some of the most challenging wreck removal, from buried hulls under docks and bridges, to vessels  submerged in ship channel or beached by storms. We removed sunken planes, boat keels, forklifts, golf carts, old docks, boat lifts and small barges. We are proud of our flawless job record and our accident and drug free work place. Our dedicated staff is committed to provide the same fast response and professionalism for years to come.

    January, February, 2016. Because of strong storm with heavy winds, we had over 30 emergency calls of boats drifting and  5 boats  sinking. Over 27 vessels sunk and 15 dragged anchor ending on seawalls. We had over 42 emergency calls.
March, April, 2016.  We had a great time at Dania Marine Flea Market. Our new "R-2" Rescue boat just past the sea test, reaching over 30 MPH.

Memorial Day Weekend    Deadly boat collision in Bayboro Harbor near Coast Guard station St. Petersburg. 

June 6, 2016  Tropical Storm Colin.  High winds and tidal surge never seen since 2004 resulted in over 19 emergency calls, 12 police impounds in Gulfport and 5 boat sunk. Tampa Bay waterway is polluted and full of bacteria due to sewage discharge.

August 31/September 1,2016 Hurricane Hermine.  As expected,  high winds  of 65 mph and a very impressive tidal surge caused 14 boats to sunk, docks and trees damage and major flooding. Again we had sewage discharge!

November 8, 2016  The owner of a 36' Trojan (sunk on Boca Ciega Bay), hire an unlicensed "salvage" contractor that manage to break the vessel in half separating the top from the hull. After 3 days of intense work, crew of 4 and 2 divers, we managed to complete the job. See pictures   

 2017   First emergency call 56 minutes new years night. Boat sunk at Harborage Marina.  The stern is stuck under the new MA floating dock and gas was pouring out. Job was completed by 2:00 PM.

April 20, 2017 Again the intercostal waterway is litter with sunk boats. Just around 10 miles radius we found over 11, ranging from 18' to 46'. All been tag by FWC and local PD.

 July 12, 2017   Boat collision E. Vina del Mar seawall. 2015, 23' Key Largo center console.

Job Database  since  02/01/1999
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